Welcome to Brandt's Bees of Wolfville, NS

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Since discovering the incredible world of Honey Bees, my fascination with them has not waned in the years, my interest and obsession having only grown. I now have a hive count of close to 120 colonies, a comfortable number that I can still manage on my own. Most of my apiaries are located within 15 minutes of Wolfville in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

All of my apiaries are small, usually comprised of 8 to a maximum of 16 colonies. When seeking out new yards I try and maintain a distance (where possible) from any areas I know to have active agricultural spraying potential. A few of my out yards are located in long abandoned orchards.

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I am a small operation, I do most all the tasks, from tending the bees to collecting and harvesting the honey, to  bottling and labeling my jars and selling the finished product locally. I source as much of the material necessary to do so locally where possible.

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Honey bees are amazing creatures, and I am truly fortunate to have discovered this vocation. There are no days where I dread going to "work"! 

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Honey Sales

Brandt's Bees bottled honey is available for purchase at the following locations:

  • Wolfville Farmers Market on Saturdays

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