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Unpasteurized, all natural honey from floral sources right here in the Wolfville and surrounding area. All honey is collected from start to finish by myself, each jar passing through my hands prior to being sold, giving it that personal touch.

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1 kg jar   $12              
500g jar   $7                                     
250g jar


As a natural byproduct of harvesting honey, beautiful 100% pure beeswax can be made into a variety of goods. We sell a variety of beeswax candles and have just started making beeswax wraps as well.

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I am experienced in all aspects of safe honey bee removals, including swarm collections, cut-outs and trap-outs.

Please note!
While I do not charge for collection of swarms, there is a cost for all other bee removals.

Cut-outs humanely remove the bees in a single day, but require a lot of hot and difficult work, and requires opening up the structure they are in to remove them.

Trap-outs require less physical work, also humanely removing the bees, but is done over a much longer period of time (weeks) and does not require any structural alteration.

I am glad to offer free advice to anyone with a honey bee issue, but if I am called out and they are not honey bees, there will be a gas and time charge of $20.

Determining what type of bees you have can be done by checking on the internet.

I do not do externinations! All pollinators are in trouble, including bumble bees, and are deserving of our protection. Honey bees get the attention simply because we as beekeepers advocate for them, something other pollinators are not as fortunate enough to have.

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Honey Sales

Brandt's Bees bottled honey is available for purchase at the following locations:

  • Wolfville Farmers Market on Saturdays

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